Services We Provide
Basic Lawn Care Services:

- Mowing all grass on property.
- Trimming around all needed areas.
- Will blow all grass and debris from the
sidewalks and/or parking lot after mowing.

Other services available upon request:

- Hooking-up of new sewer lines to Township Main sewer lines.
- Computerized landscape design, which uses an actual digital picture of
existing property to start
- Installation of new lawns and landscapes for new and existing homes and
- Installation of Hardscapes such as flagstone or pavers for walkways and
patios, block retaining walls, block steps etc.
- Plant and landscape any plant or land design desired.
- Do true edging around any sidewalks, trees, flowerbed's etc.
- Apply mulch with or without under screening/weed barrier to help with weed
- Apply fertilizer/weed control to any size yard on a scheduled basis (see bottom
of the page for more info on our Premium Granulated Turf Program)
- Choose from a variety of mulches including everything from colored mulches
(Brown, Red or Black) to single, double or triple ground types of hardwood
- Bag/collect and dispose of all leaves or other debris with mowers and
- Replant and repair bare areas with new grass and fertilizer.
- Trim and prune any type of ornamental/useful trees/plants.
- Fall and spring cleanup.
- Parking lot sweeping.
- Custom hauling of screened topsoil, stones, mulch etc.
- Custom Skid Loader work.
- Custom Mini-Excavator work, including sewer line hook-ups.
We offer a full line of service for winter maintenance
-Snowplowing and removal.
-Snow blowing and shoveling of sidewalks or other needed areas.
-Application of ice-melter to concrete driveways and sidewalks.
-Application of ice-melter, rock salt, or anti-skid any size parking lot using a truck
mounted spreader.
-We use only ice-melter that is safe for use on concrete as stated by

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Round #1 St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)
Dimension .10% 19-0-6 30% Slow release. This product gives the initial spring feeding
with pre-emergent weed control for Crabgrass. The fertilizer should be watered in after

Round # 2 Mother’s Day (May 13th)
21-0-12 Weed and Feed with Momentum 50% slow release. This product continues
feeding while killing your dandelions, clover and other weeds. For best results apply to a
wet or damp lawn.

Round # 3 Memorial Day (May 30th)
13-0-13 with MACH 2 Grub control 50% slow release. Get a handle on Grubs before the
damage occurs. This application should be watered in.

Round # 4 4th Of July
5-10-31 10% Iron. Summer green without the growth to mow. This application should be
watered in.

Round # 5 Labor Day (September 3rd)
24-5-11 50% Slow release. Fall feeding and great color. This application should be watered
in after application.

Round # 6 Thanksgiving (November 22nd)
34-3-11 This application will prepare your lawn for winter weather and will also give it a
jump on spring.

Shrub Care: Easter and Halloween
14-14-14 100% This application is a coated landscape and ornamental fertilizer with
micros. Apply this twice per year to give your shrubbery the nutrients that they will need
all year long.

* Note: Dates are a general time reference and application times are based on present or
future rain events to water the  application into the lawn if the application calls for it.*R
Professional Lawn Fertilization,
Weed & Insect Control