This job encompasses a few different directions. Starting at the mailbox, we edged out a riverstone
bed. The border of the bed is Cobble Stone, which really gives the bed a great appearance and with
nice curving angles allows for easier mowing. Each cobble stone piece is glued to the next ensuring a
straight edge and prevents movement of each piece. The riverstone beds continue in the back of the
yard, including a corner bed, a small bed around a tree, and a shaping bed around the small patio we
installed. To complete the project, we brought in several ton of screened topsoil to fix yard. Noticeable
in the photo is the bare spots in the yard. We covered the vast majority of the yard, even raising the
ground level in some areas; grass seeded and strawed to finish.
After removing the old concrete wall and falling rail-road ties, we began laying the foundation for the new block wall.
After erecting the new wall, we filled back-filled with washed 2b limestone and brought the ground level up just below
the top of the wall. This provided the customer a more level yard to mow and make use as they pleased.
For this project, we went in a few different directions. Two layers of concrete were poured on the rear of the house.
The first pad we poured was behind the breeze-way. The second and larger pad encompasses from beside the
bilco-doors to the breeze-way.  We trimmed and removed many shrubs in the beds. The plum-stone bed received a
new plastic border as well as new stone.
We placed stepped the concrete into the double door with blocks. Working with the customer, we determined a height
wanted for the step and went from there.
The final touch to the project was re-sloping the back yard. A hill sits behind the house and thus we regraded part of
the yard and placed a swale in the yard to preven water runoff from reaching the foundation of the house.
A wooded escape is all in what you want to make out of it. Below is an example of a couple who had a
decent amount of wooded ground and they wanted to place a walkway throughout the woods so they
could take leisurely walks without the risk of rolling an ankle on roots and rocks.
Have a spot in your yard that you're just not sure what to do with? A River Stone bed makes a great
focal point as well as save time with yard maintenance. This customer here was tired of the little area
that was in limbo. After edging and removing all weeds and small growth, weed-barrier was placed
down to prevent new weeds from growing up through the river stone. After adding the river stone, we
were left with a nice looking bed that now draws attention when driving by.