Here's a wall that cleaned up a drive way as well as behind the house. This wall keeps any rocks or dirt from sliding
off the bank into the drive and adds character. For structural strength, we've added geo-grid fabric to prevent the
bank from pushing out on the wall. Finishing up the project, we coated the driveway with extra limestone and planted
grass seed behind the house.
The old wall below was due for a restoration. We removed the old block and gave them a pressure washing bath to
remove moss and clean them up. We leveled the base and began laying the block back in. More, newer block was
ordered to complete the wall as we raised the wall a few layers. If you take notice, the old wall followed the slope of
the yard. When reconstructed the wall, we stepped accordingly as the wall traversed the yard. Also added were steps
through the wall so the homeowner could easily access the hose bib and reel. Finishing the project, we planted grass
Below is a walkway we put in, connecting the driveway to the front door of this cottage. Also, note the three steps
mating the walkway to the front door.  We used blocks to step up to the door and topped each layer with caps to
complete the steps.
Talk about a back yard BBQ pad. This homeowner wanted a place where they could entertain their guest. Not shown
in the photos is the fireplace the owner installed after we completed this patio. Three walls surround the patio and we
engineered the height of the wall perfectly so anyone may you the wall as a bench.
This patio connected an area with a hot-tub to the back porch and included a fireplace.  Tired of the old pond and
mulch bed, this homeowner brought us in to remove the old pond, plants, and bring the new patio up to the height of
the porch. Matching the heights between the hot-tub and rear porch created a seemless transition between either
area. To really set this patio off, we installed a round fireplace facing the mountain so anyone can sit around the
warm fire and enjoy the beautiful view any time of the day.
We do big walls and little walls. This one happened to be a big one. Easily over 100 feet, this wall encompasses the
side and rear of the house. Currently the height of the is as picture but we will be soon returning to complete the
wall to a height determined by the customer. As with all our walls, especially those with height, geo-grid fabric was
install different levels to ensure the structural integrity of the entire wall. Core and back with washed 2b limestone
the wall has plenty of drainage and drains to both ends ensuring that water does not lay behind the wall.
There is a few directions that we went with this project. The old concrete wall here was cracking and falling apart. We
removed flaking and deteriorating pieces and replaced with new mortar. We removed grass from between the wall
and the sidewalk and replaced with a smaller bed of river stone. In the later pictures, you'll notice we removed the
wall on the right side. After jack-hammering the wall away, we dug out for a base course and built a new block wall in
its place.