For this project, we were called into to replace a deteriorating wall with a new block one. After removing the old wall,
we dug out and extended the foundation to wrap around the bank. A good structures starts with a good foundation.
Not seen, but added in every wall with height, is Geo-grid fabric which adds extra strength and prevents the wall from
pushing outwards. Just under the caps, we installed low-voltage lighting. Also included in this wall was a seat or
bench in which people will be able to sit.
The paver walkway below was a simple project that can turn your old walkway into a new smooth, good looking place
to cross your yard. The old walkway was becoming uneven and the run-off water from rain was starting to be a
problem. We were able to direct the rain run-off away from the porch which the walkway led to and also create a trip
free surface throughout the walkway.
Below is a wall that was erected by previous landscapers. For various reasons the wall was falling in and needed
replaced. Although hard to recognize, we reused the old blocks and caps. Simply hydro-washing the blocks and caps
revived them back to a new appearance. Adding to the existing wall, to include a mulch bed, we matched the new
blocks and caps to the old wall to provide a seem-less connection point.
Lacking below, are the before photos. However, lets take a look at the after photos and recap what was redone and
was is new. The block wall running along side the driveway was starting to lean out over the driveway and needed
attention. We came in and removed the wall. After pressure washing the block, we started from the bottom up with
base and restructured the wall to ensure long lasting stability. After completing the wall, Cold-Patch was placed at
the bottom of the wall to connect the drive to the wall. The small foot wall surrounding the front porch and
connecting to the side of the house is new. Above the block wall and foot wall, river stone beds were added to
complete the look.
The patio below should look familiar as it is also featured on our 2012 Hardscapes page. What is new the in the below
photos is the fireplace. We've installed a few of these gas fireplaces and they are absolutely beautiful. Now the
owners of this patio can sit back and enjoy the fire with the flick of a lighter. All the while being able to control the
amount of heat wanted.
Here's a beautiful paver patio with a small paver pad for this owners grill.  This patio enables the owners to enjoy
entertaining guests and family members outside. After completion of the patio, when came back shortly there after
to install square fire pit. This beautiful fire place kit comes with fire-brick and a stainless grill that flips over the fire
to cook on or flips back out of the way when you want to enjoy the fire.
Also while we were at this job, we took down a large portion of the railroad-tie wall. We reinstalled the old ties along
with new ties using rhubarb to make the wall stronger and prevent the wall from pushing away from the bank.
The banks on opposites ends of the patio were graded for an even slope and easier grade to mow on.
Check out this wall below! Reaching over 7ft tall and over 100ft long, this wall left the owners of this camp very
happy. Not only did erecting this wall eliminate maintenance on the bank, but it also expanded the yard on top of the
wall. While working on the wall, we added a Geo-Grid fabric at many levels ensuring strength throughout the wall
and prevent the wall from pushing outward. A drain pipe (used on all our walls) was placed behind the wall and
covered with Washed 2B limestone for the height of the wall to rid water behind the wall and further add to the
soundness of the structure.