This large patio and retaining wall is located where Freedom Ave and Old Stage Road meet. The patio encompasses over 1800
square feet of Paver walkway from the front of the house, wraps around the house, as well as surrounds a swimming pool.   
Looking at the patio and walkway, you will notice a Random Pattern Paver design with Bull Nose Pavers completing the
perimeter of the pool edge. Visible from the road is the Block Retaining Wall around two sides of the swimming pool. Vinyl
posts also complete a perimeter of the entire hardscape which will incorporate a vinyl fence. We cut individual pavers for each
post giving a flush, natural looking fit. The white strip located near the Bilco Doors is a thin drain we added to prevent water
from laying on the pavers.
Here is a walkway and patio Located just outside of Middleburg. For this customer, we constructed a retaining wall with a
curve to complete a parking area. We use Geo-Grid material as with all our walls to give added strength and finished the top
of the wall off with a Finishing Cap. From here we stepped down and connected a walkway to a cement slab behind the house.
Between the new walkway and the house we removed debris and a layer of sod, layered the ground with Weed Barrier, and
topped of the area with River Stone. We brought topsoil and used existing topsoil to feather out the slope into the yard,
planted seed, and covered with straw. The kids were already enjoying their new walkway before we headed home!
This wonderful project is on 522S near Guss Road. We started off by bringing in many loads of base with which, we brought
the downhill slope up to the workable slope we needed, with the furtherest downhill side reaching a few feet. From there we
started working on the beautifully curvy wall. In the center of the wall are custom steps leading from the patio to the
backyard. Another custom aspect of this build was the stunning fireplace. This fireplace incorporated a copper dome and a
mesh screen to cover the fire. We finished up by feathering the yard up to the wall, planting grass seed, and coating with
Here's a great example of reusing materials. This block island began to lean outward from the previous builders lack of
Geo-Grid material, and on top of that, the blocks were becoming mossy. We came in and removed the entire structure. Using
the same block and caps we removed, we hydro-sprayed all the pieces to return the block to a new clean look. After this, we
leveled out base and began relaying the freshly clean block and recapped the top for a flush look. To finish the island, we
placed Weed Barrier, coated with Hemlock Mulch, and planted flowers.
This is a patio we did around an outside bar. We started by removing sod and digging down to our required depth. We filled in
with base creating a sturdy foundation before laying down pavers. This patio connected to a preexisting paver patio in which we
pulled up existing pavers and connected the two patios feather between the connection points making it seems are if the two
were connected from the start.
This house is located in Pleasant Acres East. We came in and removed old concrete that had been poured decades before.
From here we built the foundation of the patio and then completed the Random Pattern of pavers. We also placed a step going
into the side of the house allowing for easy entering and exiting. After completing the patio we created a bank surround on
one side of the patio and placed Weed Barrier as well as mulch. (Pergola was installed by another party).
This house is located up Route 22. The customer wanted his old, uneven patio near his pool replaced. The old patio had a bad
slope that allowed rain water and water splashed out of the swimming pool to flow toward the house. We removed the old brick
pavers and raised the new walkway to one flat height and took the slope away from the house, bringing water away from the
house allowing it to flow out onto the driveway. We also placed River Stone between the walkway and the swimming pool.
Here is a beautiful two tier wall located in Lewistown Heights.  The homeowner was looking to reduce some of the hill while
still maintaining structure and support without having the bank wash away with rain. This two tier not only adds tremendous
structure, it also provides excellent draining built in behind the wall. On each tier of the wall we completed the top with Weed
Barrier, mulch, grass plants, and small trees. Also it can be noted we placed fresh sod on the hill. On top of the property, we
re-mulched beds, we trimmed shrubbery, and on top of the existing concrete sidewalk, we glued pavers to create a new
walkway.  The mulch beds around the house received a new block border and we finalized the project by laying sod around the
walkway and bed borders.