the  walls to add to the appearance of the camp and to also help with the existing bank eroding onto the driveway. The walls
also allowed us to bring the finish grade up to the needed spot on the foundation of the camp. These walls are made from a 6"
beveled Rockwood Block, Granite Swirl in color. The walls follow the gentle curve of the driveway. Very nice finish look to a
beautiful camp. The yard was re-graded and planted by us using a wild life blend, annual rye grass, starter fertilizer, and a
coating of straw.
Below are some before photos of a camp located in Mill Creek.
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block steps. On the front entrance/front yard sidewalk we used Old Town Cobble pavers in a modified herringbone pattern with
a six inch soldier course (border course) . The color of the paver is called Autumn Blend, which is a blend of red and grey to
make a very nice finished look against their deep red entrance door. The step into the home was created using six inch
retaining wall block with a cap. We used a circular wall step pattern for the step with caps and filled the center in with the same
modified herringbone pattern we used on the sidewalk. The second sidewalk we excavated and formed up using bendable forms
to get a flare at the entrance nearest to the driveway. We used a heavy duty concrete blend with re-bar. We also built a side
step entrance area out of the same blocks as the front entrance.
This is a home located in Mifflin County, in which we along with the customer designed these retaining walls and to
also allow us to build up a level area we then used to plant new shrubs. We also rerouted the down spout and reran the
down spout drain pipes under the retaining wall. The photos on the left are before photos and the ones on the right are
after finished photos.   
This is a camp located near R.B. Winter State Park, in which we along with the customer designed this 570 square foot
flag stone patio and two retaining walls. The flag stone is thermal cut 1.5 inch thick, various color stone set in place
using a random pattern. We used a high performance polymeric sand, Tan in color for the joints in between the
flagstone. We also buried all the down spouts and installed two double-sided retaining walls, granite swirl in color with
matching caps.  Very nice job with a nice seating/walking surface.
126 foot retaining wall. We set out to eliminate a bank that was hard to mow and also open a larger flat area up next
classic 6 inch beveled granite swirl retaining wall block with a straight faced matching cap. We wanted to pick up
more flat ground next to the home with the wall as well. We stepped the wall down according to the existing grade
and also matched the level ground behind the wall. Very nice wall that has a great flow up around the existing
Here are two more after pictures.
Below are some before photos of a camp located in Mill Creek.